What is Climbax?

Climbax is an automated training aid for climbers. It uses two lightweight bands containing movement sensors that are worn on the wrists that collect data about your climbing. Our validated algorithms detect climbing and individual moves and track all sorts of other stats about your performance. After your training session you simply upload the data from the bands to our website, which automatically produces a report for you that you can view on your profile.

Adjustable strap

The Climbax band has been designed to fit a wide variety of wrist sizes, more than the usual 95%. The bands are very comfortable to wear and very light-weight.


The Climbax bands are made from tough polyurethane. The material is food-safe and soft to wear against the skin, while at the same time tear and abrasion resistant - all that at less than 30 grams of weight.


The bands and the embedded sensors are 100% waterproof. You won't ever need to worry about rain when you are climbing outdoors. Also the bands are very easy to clean and do not mind being all covered in chalk.

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How it works

Each band records the movements your hands make, and our algorithms translate these movements into performance parameters that reflect your climbing technique. See the impact of your training on your skills and reach your goals!


The Climbax system measures each and every move you make and splits sequences of moves into climbs. Depending on your training goals you can use the Climbax system to keep track of your sessions and use it as an online log-book.


Resting properly is important and training to recover can mean the difference between a send or a fail. Climbax reports the start-time, stop-time and duration of each climb and how much you rested in between. Track your training and make sure you have enough left in the tank when it really counts.


Power is nothing without Control. The Climbax system measures detailed information of every move you make as well as how you hold each body position. Using validated performance measurement algorithms, the system tells a holistic story about your climbing over the course of each session.


Tracking progress is important for motivation. The Climbax system allows you to compare your performance between individual sessions as well as look at trends over time. This feature really lets you investigate if a particular programme is working the way you think it should.


Climbax relies on state-of-the-art motion sensing technology and scientifically validated analysis algorithms, all wrapped in two lightweight and comfortable wrist-bands. Take control of your moves!

micro accel nand led

Climbax uses a sophisticated blend of machine-learning, embedded electronics and cloud-based computing. The sensors themselves are designed to medical grade standards, CE marked and waterproof to 1m. The movement data captured by the bands, once downloaded, is passed through a sophisticated machine learning algorithm. To read about how the ClimbAX system was scientificaly validated, please read the paper here. On the right you can see some of the climbers that took part in our studies.


The data recorded from your session contains all sort of movements that are not climbing. This includes the time when you belay, rest or get a coffee. The first step in Climbax is to seperate climbing from all other activities. We collected a lot of data of people climbing to develop and test our segmentation algorithms and have achieved amazing reliability.

Move detection

After segmentation the data from your climbs is analysed to spot individual moves. From the motion sensors in the bands we can tell when and how much you move your hand, and tiny vibrations show Climbax when you are on a hold.

Skill assessment

Based on the timings between your moves and the signal recorded while you are on a hold and moving Climbax calculates a range of performance parameters that reflect your climbing performance.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? If the info below doesn't help, you can ask us directly.

Do the wristbands fit my small / large wrists?

We have designed the sizing of our bands based on the European ergonomic sizing scales. The wristbands are designed to fit a broad range of wrist sizes of both men and women. If you are unsure, please print out the document here and cut out the paper template as instructed.

Is Climbax compatible with my Smartphone?

Climbax does not need a smartphone to work. The data gathered is analysed in the cloud and the results presented via a website. Any smart phone that has a modern browser will allow you to look at your results. You will need a data connection though. In the future we will develop an App for iOS and Andriod Platforms.

How long does the battery last?

The bands can last up to two weeks on a single charge. This means you can take them on your trips without worrying about finding a socket nearby.

Does Climbax work with multipitch climbing, ledges or rests?

Climbax detects climbs as bouts of moves. If you take a prolonged rest on a ledge or a hanging stance then the system will interpret the next bout of moves as a new climb.

How tight do they have to fit?

We want to capture how you move, and also those tiny vibrations that you get when you are trying really hard; the bands have to be snug to do that. But don’t worry the wristbands are really light and comfortable and won’t hinder you in any way.

The past 45 days has been a blur! First of all a MASSIVE THANKS to all our Supporters, Backers and Friends - without you we would not be where we are today. Although we didn't reach our target through the Kickstarter campaign we are still tremendously enthusiastic about the project!

Here are a few stats to show how people engaged in the Kickstarter campaign:

  • - We had just 4878 unique visitors to www.climbax.co.uk
  • - The top 3 countries (85 total!) of visitors were USA, UK and Germany
  • - Our Kickstarter video was played 16,291 times
  • - 42% of backers pledged for the Black bands. Less than 1% opted for the yellow
  • - Of the project views, 23% viewed on a mobile device (most commonly iPhones)

What Happens Next?

First of all, for those people who showed their support though backing our campaign - you will be re-funded your monies promptly.

In terms of the project, we are still very keen to take the project forwards and are searching funding to do so. The massive support we received with, in hindsight, perhaps naive marketing, just shows there IS definitely a market for this sort of product.

Our next steps are to continue working towards our goal of a release, however, the lack of funds means the process will be just a little slower. In terms of a re-launch, the honest answer is we are not sure if Kickstarter is the right forum.

Lets stay in touch

It's not good bye just yet! If you would like to be kept in the loop of what happens next please register below. As we have done so far, we will post updates as they become available. For those whom are keen, we may even draw on our original backers as Testers when the time comes! If you feel you have something to tell us then we would love to hear it!


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